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The trusted partner you can count on for outstanding security standards


Comprehensive Security Solutions



Visible and vigilant security personnel for your premises.



In order to provide an additional degree of security, trained dogs.



Continuous monitoring for unwavering property oversight.

Key Holding & Alarm Response

making sure your property is safe with quick action as needed.

Tailored services for your complete peace of mind.
  • Webcam Security 90% 90%
  • Close Protection 95% 95%
  • Risk Assessment 80% 80%

About Security Alert

Your Trusted Partner

Alert Security has established itself as a leader in the security service industry for more than ten years, safeguarding over 100 locations with a steadfast commitment to excellence. Our reputation for delivering dependable and effective security is built on a foundation of trust and proven success.

We pride ourselves on a track record of 100% project completion, reflecting our dedication to meeting our clients’ needs. Our team comprises highly trained security professionals, each committed to providing top-tier protection for our clients’ premises.

“Alert Security goes beyond traditional security services”

Alert Security transcends traditional security services by ensuring comprehensive protection and meticulous oversight of site activities. Their role extends beyond security, embodying the first line of engagement, ensuring every person on-site is accounted for and safeguarded with unwavering dedication.

Why Partner With Alert Securty?


Find unmatched security with Alert Security, where a decade of expertise and a commitment to safeguarding your assets converge. Our team is renowned for delivering premium security solutions and maintaining an exemplary project completion rate that defines industry standards.

At Alert Security, we prioritise proactive communication and customised support, ensuring you’re well-supported and informed throughout. Partner with us for dedicated, integrity-driven protection for your property.

Qualified Security Professionals

Proven Success and Reliability

Exceptional Completion Record

 Communication and Support

Client- Focused Approach

At Alert Security, we place a high value on clear communication and exceptional customer service. Our approach is to work closely with clients, keeping them well-informed and supported at every turn. We understand the unique security challenges each client faces and tailor our solutions to fit those specific needs. Our goal is to provide not just security but peace of mind.

Security In All Sectors


Vigilant security for private homes and estates.


Advanced surveillance and control for distribution integrity.


Secure sites with access control and asset protection.


Expert crowd management and close protection for events.


Strong deterrence for a safe shopping environment.

Commercial & Industrial

Essential protection for business operations and assets.


Sertec Group

“Alert Security not only protects our assets but ensures the safety of our people, embodying the first point of contact with professionalism and warmth, going beyond traditional security services”

Securing The Commonwealth Games: Case Study

Explore how Alert Security played a crucial role at the Commonwealth Games, providing unparalleled security through expert teamwork, advanced technology, and strategic collaborations. Our efforts ensured a safe, incident-free event, highlighting our commitment to excellence in high-profile security challenges.

Commitment To Professional Excellence

At Alert Security, we’re proud to state that our dedicated staff are not only SIA licensed but also receive comprehensive training to meet the highest standards of the security industry.

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